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Chinese Herbal Medicine

The use of Chinese herbs as medicine has the same long history as acupuncture does.  Today there are literally thousands of substances used for medicinal purposes.  Chinese herbs are comprised of plant, animal and mineral substances.  Like acupuncture, Chinese herbs function to change and balance the body’s qi.  Chinese herbs are classified according to their energetic qualities, their effects on specific organ systems, their affinities for certain areas of the body and their overall functions in the body.  No other system of herbal medicine has as complete a classification scheme as Chinese herbal medicine.

Your initial consultation for Chinese herbs will involve a thorough discussion of your health history and other pertinent information.  We will feel your radial pulses and ask to look at your tongue.  These examinations are used to gather important diagnostic information which will then be used, along with your presenting  symptoms, in order to determine your Oriental Medical diagnosis. 

We will use your diagnosis to create a customized prescription for you which will consist of roughly 10 to 20 different herbs.  There are several options in terms of administering the herbs.  The traditional method of taking herbs is to boil the raw herbs (a bag of leaves and twigs and bark, etc) in water according to specific directions and then, drink the tea.  This is still an option today.  Other possibilities include: pills, powdered herbs, liquid extracts, capsules and even the external application of herbs.   Together we will determine which method is best for you in terms of your condition, the potency of the different options and the convenience of  administration.   

Chinese herbs are powerful medicine.  It is not advisable to self-prescribe Chinese herbs unless you know what you are doing.  Just because they are “natural” does not mean that Chinese herbs can not do harm to you.  We are trained to be aware of any potential herb-drug interactions, so it is of the utmost importance that you tell us if you are taking other medications (this includes pharmaceutical drugs and other herbs or supplements).

Additionally, we only do business with reliable suppliers of herbal medicine who use strict quality control measures to ensure that their products are safe.  You can be confident that you are getting high quality, unadulterated herbs.

The Benefits of Chinese Herbs

  • Allow for the benefits of treatment to continue outside of the office

  • Customized prescriptions that fit your exact needs

  • Can safely be used in conjunction with most Western medications