Improvements at the Office

Just wanted to share some photos of our new and improved herb storage system at the office. For years we have suffered with a clumsy, sloppy and inefficient herb shelf (it was nobody’s fault but ours!) that made the process of putting together herb formulas really frustrating. We finally got fed up enough with that system and now we have an awesome new shelf system that is super clean and well organized. Have a look…


Old Shelf in the Corner- Crowded, Sloppy, Frustrating!



Fresh Coat of Paint


We brought in a crack team of shelf-installers to help with the project…


The Master and the Protege




It’s starting to come together…

Working Hard, Keeping it all Straight and Level

Working Hard, Keeping it all Straight and Level


We’re really getting there now…

Yeah - I did that!

Yeah – I did that!


Time to load ’em up…




And voila, the finished product…


Looking Good!


Ahhh! Now that’s better!


Thanks for looking, see you soon!